Archimedes® ITTP 22 KW-RS/BC Inverter

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Archimede® by Electroil are a range of revolutionary concept inverters suitable for electric pumps with single-phase or three-phase motors.

Archimede® Inverters replace all traditional systems currently used such as pressure switch or flow switches. They guarantee smooth starts and stops, quiet operation and substantial energy savings.

Archimede® Inverters are suitable for use on all types of electric pumps and allow optimal pressure regulation in the water pressure system. They are designed, manufactured, and tested in Italy and have been built to allow the construction of new systems, and a quick and easy conversion to small domestic booster sets.

Input / Output – Three Phase (3 Phase)

Max Motor- Pump Power – 22.0kW

Max output current: 48.50 A

Pressure Range:  0-50 Bar

(2–3-week lead time)