“Taking a Green Approach”

Environmental Statement:

The Flow Company® is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impacts of its activities on the environment. Taking a green approach and looking after the environment is important to us in creating a sustainable and better environment. Although a huge task, we aim to partner and work with like-minded companies and manufacturers to help us meet these targets and reduce our environmental footprint.

Travel and logistics amount to a large percentage of our footprint, our aim to source closer products and reducing emissions helps us to achieve this goal.


Key Points for The Flow Company achieving this strategy are:

  1. Minimising waste through recyclable and products and packaging (where possible) and selection of products with longer lifespans.
  2. Minimising emissions through selection of products from like-minded manufacturers which are based locally, regionally, and continentally, reducing shipping times.
  3. Reducing travel emissions with large storage facilities centrally located in Europe and reducing international shipping.
  4. Promoting Recycling Actively both internally with procedures and among customers / suppliers with safe, recyclable products and waste disposal.
  5. Promoting and sourcing a product range which minimises environmental impact on both production and distribution.
  6. Complying and meeting all environmental legislation which relates to the company.